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Published Patents

S.No Name of the Inventor(s) Title Patent No
Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr.P.AshokaVarthanan, Dr.R.Soundararajan Process For Making Brake Pad By Using Natural Fibre and Composites 3065/CHE/2014A
2 Mr.M.Suresh,Dr. R.Ramamoorthi, R Jeyakumar, PL.Veerasagaran Cooling Tower For Food Processing Industry 201641027488
3 Dr.R.Soundararajan, R.Sivasubramanian, Dr.P.AshokaVarthanan Electronic weighing machine and a method thereof 201641035456A
4 Dr.PAshokaVarthanan, Dr.R.Soundararajan, Mr.SendilMuthuswamy Improvised Artificial Lower limb prosthesis 201841002791
5 Dr.C.Samson Jerold Samuel LM6 Aluminium Alloy Copper Coated Steel Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites for Automotive Pistons 201841043982
6 Dr.R.Soundararajan, Dr.PAshokaVarthanan Mechanism for opening and closing of gates 201841002793
7 Dr.V.Karthickeyan Novel Pumpkin Seed Oil Methyl Ester - Diesel Blend as an Alternative Fuel in Diesel Engine 201841022785
Mechatronics Engineering
8 Ms.R.Priyadharshini, Mr.K.Vigneswarram Automatic wheel chair and bed with pressure relieving seat & easy toilet facility 201741039582
Electonics and Communication Engineering
9 Dr.S.Sasipriya, Dr.S.Sophia A Novel Approach of Attendance Monitoring System using Power Line Communication 201741022937
10 Dr.M.Karpagam, Dr.C.ThirumaraiSelvi Intelligent Road/Traffic Monitoring for Ambulance Alert System 201741029146
11 Dr.Thirumaraiselvi, Dr.M.Karpagam Smart Home Automation Integrated with Automatic Car Lock System 201741029145
12 Dr.V.R.Balaji Patient monitoring using IoT 201741038488
13 Dr.Nandalal, G.Saranya,Electronics Enhanced Navigation system for the visually challenged 201741039012
Electricals and Electronics Engineering
14 Dr.V.Gomathy Monitoring System For Fault Analysis In Power Transformer Using Dissolved Gas Analysis Method 201741041404//E-2/3537/2017-CHE
15 Dr.S.Sheeba Rani, Dr.V.Gomathy Internet Of Things Based Toggler Device For Hybrid Vehicle Power Pack 201841006122/E-1/6467/2018-CHE
Civil Engineering
16 Dr.D.Maruthachalam High Performance Concrete mixture 201741022033A
Computer Science and Engineering
17 Dr.J.Janet, Dr.K.Sujatha Automated Road Line Marker 20184103389
18 Dr.J.Janet, Dr.K.Sujatha, Dr.S.Balakrishnan, Dr.J.P.Ananth, Dr.V.Ragavi A Method And A Device For Operating A Fan With Hand gestures For Achieving Appropriate Operating Speeds for Aiding A Visually Challenged Person 201841013377
19 Dr.S.Balakrishnan IoT Based Toll Booth Management System in a Cloud Environment 201841011516
20 Dr.J.Janet, Dr.S.Balakrishnan, Dr.J.P.Ananth, Dr.V.Ragavi IoT Based Smart Wheel Chair for the Disabled and Elderly in a Cloud Based Environment 201941002153
21 Dr.J.Janet, Dr.S.Balakrishnan, Dr.J.P.Ananth, Dr.V.Ragavi Smart Vision Wallet for Visual and Hearing Impaired 201941005223
22 Dr.J.Janet,Dr.S.Balakrishnan, Dr.J.P.Ananth, Dr.V.Ragavi IOT Based Intelligent Acoustician Microphone 201941022560
23 Dr.J.Janet, Dr.S.Balakrishnan, Dr.J.P.Ananth, Dr.V.Ragavi Smart Room – A Method and a Device for Operating A Fan and Lights with Smart Device 201941013008
24 Dr.K.Sujatha, Dr.B.Persis Urbana Ivy Compact Multi -Functional Smart Laptop 201841002061
25 Dr.D.Surendran, Dr.R.Manikandan Vazhikaatti: Voice and GPS Based Navigation System for Visually Challenged People Walking in a Campus 201741040706
26 Dr.D.PrabhaMs.N.Kousika Ranking Based Location Aware Business Recommender System 201741040702
27 Dr.M.Sujaritha, Dr.J.Janet,Ms.Kalaivani Soil Nutrient Sensing robot for precision Agriculture 201741040710
Computer Applications (MCA)
28 Dr.U.K.Sridevi, Dr.P.Shanthi, Dr.W.Regis Anne, Dr.JayasudhaSubburaj, Ms.T.LathaMaheswari Sentiment Analysis of Older Adults in Social Media 201741040714
Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS)
29 Dr. S. Balakrishnan

Dr. R. Prabha

Dr. M. Balasubramanian

Dr. P. M. Durai Raj Vincent

Smart Walking Aid For Visually Challenged using GPS 201941030470
30 Dr. S. Balakrishnan

Dr. L. Ramanathan

Dr. Susan Augustine

Dr. S. Ramani

Water Inundation Catastrophe Monitoring and Alert System 201941036273
31 Dr. S. Balakrishnan

Dr. J. P. Anand

Dr. R. Cristin

A Method And System For Controlling Deforestation 201941036274