Information Technology Dr. Susila N HOD (IT) For more than a decade, the department of Information Technology has been an active and effective part of Sri Krishna Group of Institutions. Every facet of the department is skillfully structured so that it vibes with SKI’s educational agenda of creating and nurturing quality professionals. A vibrant and dynamic community of faculty and students and their varied achievements has made the department one of the best in the campus.Given the large student enrollment strength that the department attracts, at any given time the department has approximately 800 students. The department has over 30 teaching faculty members committed to teaching and research. Effectively capitalizing on SKI’s modernized, state of the art classroom setups, the faculty team takes creative and committed measures to bring passion and enthusiasm to the classroom. The curriculum is so fashioned that the learner during this four-year undergraduate course, would gain a comprehensive and extensive understanding of the various nuances of Information Technology. The programs offered include courses that introduce the learner to the fundamentals, courses that would deepen the students’ understanding of various IT relevant concepts, and also courses aimed at kindling the students’ independent thinking and creativity in relevance with the discipline. The students are closely assisted by the faculty in every step of this intellectual journey, be it while learning or while preparing for their exams or while training for job opportunities. The department takes pride in the large number of faculty engaged in research activities of diverse specializations that focus on socially relevant issues. In lieu with this, the department also has quite a few publications in reputed international journals. The department’s active involvement in research has proved effective in creating the right ambience for nudging & encouraging the students towards active research. The department is committed to build young professionals instilled with a strong sense of intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, ethics and integrity, as they enter the workforce. Working in tandem with the placement department of the institution, the department conducts a continuous and rigorous placement development programme that shapes every learner to be employable and industry ready individual at the end of four years. At present the department holds a phenomenal placement record of 107 offers out of 115. In addition to being employed in top notch IT companies, graduates of the department also hold esteemed positions in academia, government sectors and also as successful entrepreneurs. The department’s website which features news on various departmental activities including conferences, seminars, FDPs, intra college/ inter college competitions, etc. is periodically updated. To cater to the needs of the ‘digital native’ learners, the department, in line with SKI culture has taken an effort to create a knowledge niche in the world of networks through effective use of “google classroom”.