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Capstone and Blooms Taxonomyom


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Capstone and Blooms Taxonomy

In order to improve the employability skills and prospects of students, learner centric curriculum has been introduced recently at SKCET. Students would choose the customised curriculum suiting their dream career via Core Industry Placement, IT industry Placement, Higher Studies, Entrepreneurship, etc.

During the course of study, the students will be assessed using Capstone model to check their level of understanding and knowledge in each course. As the assessment pattern cannot be same for varied nature of courses, capstone model gives solution for customised assessment for every nature of course. The following are the different components included in capstone model for assessment:

  1. Test(Formula, Definition, Theorem)
  2. Online Quiz
  3. Technical Presentation
  4. Group Discussion
  5. Writing Skills
  6. Assignment
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Puzzle
  9. Games
  10. Poster Presentation
  11. Simulation and Case Study
  12. Group Assignment
  13. Open end topic and report submission
  14. Application Development
  15. Project

This helps in enhancing their skills, abilities and imaginations to transform them as powerful personalities, contributing their specialities effectively to the society. Progressive learning of students is evaluated through Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students are transformed from their Lower Order Thinking (LOT) to Higher Order Thinking (HOT) and are evaluated accordingly. The curriculum and syllabi of all programs had also been meticulously drafted within this outline.

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