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Study facilities - Library services

The Sri Krishna's Library Service is one of the largest academic libraries in the country. It holds more than twenty five thousand separate volumes, including some of the greatest printed books and manuscripts. It has the largest collection of electronic resources of any academic institution in India.

The Central Library in Sri Krishna campus is at the heart of the main campus, the MBA Library houses major management collections. The Library service is spread across a number of departments.

A range of study facilities, such as areas that can be used for group work and discussion, a training suite, and computer clusters are available.


Many programmes of study at the college include online components, which can be an accessed as part of the programme. The College has a Web virtual learning environment namely SKiNET. This facilitates the student to study online using material created by lecturers, download papers and take online tests, or access relevant audio and video material. e-Learning can be used as the main method of delivery, or as a combined approach with classroom-based teaching, known as blended learning. Apart from the above learning aids created by Software Industry for the purpose of education / Learning are also made available.

Student Affairs

The College has a dedicated Student Affairs Section. The section provides guidance for student issues including registration and fees, documentation, loans and grants right through graduation.

Class Advisors

Each class is allocated an Advisor, who will be an academic member of staff from within their department. Students can speak to their Class Advisor problems, either personal or academic, and advisors will offer advice and support. Class Advisors also monitor students' attendance and work, so that they can address any problems quickly. quality user support and help on matters such as advice on a wide range of computing matters.

Hall Tutors & Advisors

Whilst in halls, students will be allocated a hall tutor, with whom any personal or academic problems and issues can be talked through. Hall tutors are members of staff, who live with the students in self-catered halls. Advisors also organise social events for the residents throughout the year.


The College Counselling Service provides individual and confidential help. Headed by a senior Professor, the Counselling Service can help students with any personal problems that may affect their work or well-being. All help is free and entirely confidential, and counsellors are trained to find the best way to help students with their problem via collaborative and sensitive discussion quality user support and help on matters such as advice on a wide range of computing matters.

Facts & Figurs

Building on its historical prestige, Sri Krishna College has continued to adapt successfully to the needs of students by investing in world-class facilities for teaching, learning and research. quality user support and help on matters such as advice on a wide range of computing matters.


Job prospects after studying in Sri Krishna are second to none and our graduates are amongst the highest paid by the leading giants of software industries.


By merging the quality management system and infrastucture for effective teaching and learning into our institution, we create a powerful new force in the world of technical education. Our students are taught to be life long learners.

With the highest quality teaching and research and the wide spread of academic subjects, we are able to compete with the best institutions in the world.


Area, Labs, Outdoor facility, Student Strength and Staff Strength.

High Rankings

There are many league tables produced each year that attempt to rank colleges. These are based on a variety of data, such as staff-student ratios, quality of facilities, graduate employment records and various measures of teaching quality.

Apart from the above the University (Anna University) Ranks the colleges affiliated on the basis of the results produced and we are proud to say that we have always been in the top 10 ranks out of more than 250 collges. quality user support and help on matters such as advice on a wide range of computing matters.